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The Sheldon Historical Society, a community organization, was formed in 1991 as a result of suggestions made at the annual town meeting with its initial charge of planning the Sheldon Bicentennial Celebration.

It has since continued as an organization within the Town Of Sheldon committed to the aggregation, preservation and dissemination of artifacts and materials of local importance and educational value.  Following the initial Bicentenial celebration, the Sheldon Historical Society continued its involvement with the community by sponsoring a number of significant Events


Contact us at:
Sheldon Historical Society
P O Box 66, Sheldon, VT 05483
or by e-mail at

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Sheldon Historical Society- Board of Directors

Sally Severy - President
Donald McFeeters - Vice President
Fern Mercure - Secretary
Andy Crane - Treasurer
Harold Smith - Correspondent
Pam Callan - Membership Secretary
Doris Archambault
Bryan Derry
Lori Derry
Tom Callan


Sheldon Historical Society - Building Renovation & Restoration Committee

Sally Severy
Don McFeeters
Andy Crane
Fern Mercure
Harold Smith
Bryan Derry
Pierre Parent
Tom Callan


Feel free to leave any comments, suggestions, or digital material through our email at Sheldon Historical or via US Postal Mail at the address above.


We will be glad to visit with you to digitize any artifacts you may have by taking a picture or by copying them. Any material donated will be securely kept by us until our new museum opens. Any material you wish to retain will be posted to the web and credit will be given to you.